Butterick skirt with ruffle

I made progress on the Butterick skirt today. This is my third skirt from this pattern. I deviated from the other two by making the view with the ruffle. I tried using my gathering foot to gather the ruffle directly to the skirt, didn't work well. Nor did stitching a long stitch and pulling the threads work as fabric is too heavy and the piece was too long for that. Thus I used crochet thread and zig-zagged over the thread leaving a long strand of crochet thread at the beginning and end. I then pulled the crochet thread and created the gathers.

I now need to sew the ruffle to the skirt, attach the center panel, complete the sewing of the lining, attach that, hem and viola! another skirt to wear.
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  1. Good progress. I bet it felt good to sew. I got some unexpected sewing time this weekend, and it was just what I needed.

  2. I can't wait to see it, your skirts are always so unique.

  3. This skirt sounds like it's going to be nice - I love anything with ruffles in!


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