The past two weeks I received the above awards. Maricou with La Machine a Coudre presented me with the Honest Scrap award and Sherril of Sherril's Sewing Saga presented me with the Sugar Doll award. Thank you both for thinking of me.
With both awards you are to acknowledge the person who presented you with the award and to tell 10 honest things or 10 interesting things about yourself. You are then to present the award to others and post that information here and link to their blog.
So perhaps I am cheating a little by combining the 10 things for each award, but 10 things are 10 things. I am not sure that I could come up with 20 different things. So here goes:
1- I am an only child. I mention this because one of Sherril's 10 items was that she wished she was an only child. It has its disadvantages as well as advantages.
2-Santa Claus gave me a Sony Reader for Christmas, which I love, love, love! I am currently reading 3 ebooks from it at this time ( and I only have to carry one reader vs 3 books). One of the three books is a non-fiction titled "Only Child".
3-I have been sewing since junior high school. That was a long, long time ago.
4-I currently own a sewing/embroidery machine; a stand alone embroidery machine; a serger; a coverstitch machine and a felting machine.
5-For Christmas I gave myself two presents-the bias tape maker machine from Simplicity with additional bias tape makers for the machine; a subscription to Fabric Mart Sample Cut.
6-My mother died from Alzheimer's several years ago and my father is now in an assisted living facility for same. Thus I am truly concerned for myself. I am hoping that it skips right over me.
7-I learned to sew from my grandmother.
8-I moved around quite a bit with my career and loved it as I got to learn more about various cultures and a lot more about the different areas of the United States. My favorite two states-Texas and Florida.
9-I am a terrible housekeeper and cannot believe how fast dust accumulates from one cleaning to the next.
10-I will have been married 37 years come February 2010.
Not sure if any of the above was very interesting; but all 10 items are honest items.
Now to whom should I present these awards:
There are so many blogs that I follow. Everyone has had some influence on me regarding sewing. I am sure there are more blogs I could link to for these awards but I have run out of blogging time for now.


  1. I was an only child for almost ten years. All I ever wanted was a little brother or sister. I was so excited to finally have a brother! We have always been very close!

  2. Thank you so much for the award. It's so nice to be included.

  3. Thanks for the awards! Off to think of 10 things.

  4. I was so excited to finally have a brother! We have always been very close!

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