Love a challenge!

First, thanks Mary for suggesting Sew True. I had a catalog from them, yet I forgot all about that source. I found the catalog which helps with colors. Atlanta Thread was running some sort of special, so I think I will compare my options.

Now on to my challenge. I am making the Butterick top. Because of the unusual neck line I thought of that as a challenge. And it is; yet more so now because of the knit fabric I am using. Though it is a quality knit; it is a bear to sew with. I had to change settings several times on serger to get the right stitch and changed the tension and presser foot setting on sewing machine for this knit to sew without puckering. Achieved this finally.

The neckline is not all that difficult until you get to the neckline binding. There are several steps to follow per their instructions but I am working to modify that step. Again the challenge I think will be the knit fabric more than the pattern. I do think once made, it will be an attractive and different top.

I am taking a break now and will post more on this sewing challenge later.



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