Sewing on my mind

I had visions of completing the dress as well as the knit cardigan. Family situation arose and off to big D today instead.

Yet I want to let you know that I spent 10 minutes here or there before going to work each day to do a little something toward completing the dress. The top stitching around the armhole bias binding was completed yesterday before going to work. My plan when we return this evening is to turn up the hem band and stitch in place. Then stitch down the back facing to zipper tape.

Fast forward>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>It is now 10:42 PM and I am happy to tell you that all is complete with dress except the back facing stitching. Yeah!!!!!!! Tomorrow AM I will take some photos of the dress. The knit fabric for cardigan has been washed and dried. It feels even nicer since washing. I read through the instructions for the cardigan; it has a turn back shawl color. I plan to do all the hemming with my new coverstitch machine. Finally will get to use it for real sewing--not practice. It appears to be a straight forward, easy pattern. I still need to pin fit the pattern to determine best size. I am hoping that I can get back with minimal changes.



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