No Sewing Today

I so wanted to sew some today but we needed to visit DH's mother in Danville. By the time we got home, I just did not have any energy or mojo to sew. I think tomorrow will be a better day for it and hope to get a start on it early AM before DH gets up.

I have been sewing the dress in my mind for days. I have been thinking about the lining and the skirt portion of the dress. I think I am going to try the Stitch "N Flip method. This is based on the method taught at PR by Shannon Gifford. I took her class through PR and it was Stitch 'N Flip lining method for jackets. It will work for the skirt as well. I also have thought about the side zipper and have decided to use the lapped zipper method instead of inserting an invisible zipper.

I have even begun planning my next project, which will be a sheath style dress. More later.


  1. What is Stitch 'N Flip lining? When I googled this it only came up with Stitch 'N Flip quilting which I haven't got a clue what means either vbg

  2. ... first time I hear of that. Please share with us what it is. :)


  3. Sewing in one's head counts. Sometimes, that's all we are able to do. Problem solving.

  4. "Sewing in your mind"... I like that. Seems how that's how I've been having to do most of my sewing lately!!


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