Sewing update-4-19-09

I did not sew hardly any yesterday. Before I could really tackle sewing, I needed to put away a lot of patterns, notions and general clutter in my sewing room. I purchased a new cardboard cutting board as my other one had so many marks on it you could hardly see the grids and other markings that were part of the board. Once that clean up was done, I set up my serger and sewing machine for the start of the Simplicity dress.

Today I began working on the dress top. The ruffle for the bodice front was painful. One was because I did not do a good job of marking the stitching lines for the sewing of the first gathered edge and thus had to spend time measuring and pinning the ruffle to the front. I also ran into an issue with this same piece as the instructions, I believe, are not as explicit as they need to be to instruct the sewist on how to complete the second step in the attaching of the ruffle. After reviewing the pattern piece several times, looking at the drawings and re-reading the instructions, I finally got a clue what I needed to do.

After attaching one ruffle to one side, you then of course attach to the other front piece. Getting the ruffles to resemble each other is a fiddly task. After doing this, the top of the ruffle on the second side is not lining up with the neckline as it should. I can feel some ripping coming up next.

I will share some photos later of the work in progress. I have some family issues to deal with now so any other sewing for today may not happen.


  1. Now and then, we just gotta' have some frustrating type sewing. How are you making the ruffle? Is it a doubled piece of fabric, or is it a single piece, hemmed on the edges? Or--serged edges?

    I made a blouse a while ago--Vogue 8324, which has a ruffled neckline. Instead of following directions, I cut a piece of fabric the width I wanted the ruffle, roll-hemmed the edges with the serger, then put the strip under a gathering foot on the sewing machine and got a really nice ruffle. BTW--that blouse pattern is a really nice one, except the neckline is a bit low. I raised it up 2". I'll post it on my blog soon.

  2. We all have our times of sewing frustration. At least you solved the problem quickly! I look forward to seeing the finished dress.


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