I am still here

I have not made it into my sewing room this week except to get something out of the closet or to put down or pick up a pattern to check some specific information.

I did buy the green thread that I ran out of and maybe will hem the top that is still waiting to be finished. Tomorrow DH and I are visiting his mother so the AM will be shot. I am so happy though that I have a garment ready and waiting to be sewn.

I also had a few patterns to arrive earlier in the week. Like I really need more patterns. I have to stop buying them, SERIOUSLY! I also have another item that arrived at the dealers but not yet at my home. More on that soon, I hope.


  1. It's ok, you have the weekend to look forward to. :)

    I'm excited to see the patterns you purchased. I think there was a pattern sale at Jo Ann this week, did you check that one out? I haven't yet, but I'll hopefully drop by this weekend.


  2. I'm trying to cut back on buying patterns, too. So far this year, I've only purchased one! I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon soon enough!

  3. I'm running out of pattern storage space and just ordered 3 more patterns. I believe that I'm addicted - really have plenty of patterns. Of course, I look forward to seeing your new ones! Hope you get back to work in the sewing room soon!


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