You know your sewing mojo is returning when..... wake up from a decent night's sleep and your first thought is you know what pattern you are going to use and for what fabric! I do think that I dreamed this in my sleep. So after drinking coffee, eating cereal, going to CURVES and returning home. I went straight to my sewing room and pulled out the pattern(s) and fabric. Both patterns are Kwik Sew patterns and one I have used twice now to make two camisole tops (cami's) plus the cardigan once. I knew that the fit was good for the cami. However when I woke this morning I thought about using another KS top to go with the cardigan.

That pattern required some pin fitting and after doing this I decided to do a FBA. After making the adjustment however, I decided that in the end this top was not going to work as well with the cardigan as I had thought. That's okay, I want to make this top and has been on my long to do list forever. I pulled some other knit fabrics out to decide what I want to try first. I haven't decided yet but the pattern is ready to go.

I cut out the cardigan and cami top from a knit fabric I purchased from a couple of years ago. I love the feel of it. Rather soft but good recovery.

After going out to dinner with DH for Valentines/Anniversary, we came home and I decided to trace my first BWOF pattern from the February 2009 issue. It is a simple knit top with boat neck and either long or 3/4 sleeves. I plan to use another knit fabric that I acquired at the same time I purchased the fabric mentioned above.

So tomorrow I plan to sew the cami and cardigan and to allow some time to cut out the other KS pattern and maybe even the BWOF pattern. I may be thinking more than I can reasonably do but the mojo is back.


  1. Sometimes our creative energy just needs a little rest. Then it comes back refreshed and ready to work!

  2. So happy the mojo returned and I can't wait to see your finished garments.

  3. Don't you love it when that happens? It's like a lightening bolt of inspiration hits and you're good to go.


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