Thank you for the wishes

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. The snow for my birthday was very minimal but I know many of you have had more than enough of the white staff. It basically was "spitting" here.

I did get some sewing in for the day. I sewed the front/side fronts as well as the back/side backs of my jacket. I added the faux welt pockets to the jacket front.

My DH had to have an emergency root canal yesterday afternoon so that put a little damper on the end of the day. All in all it was a nice day.

It was back to work today. We did get to stop a meeting to watch the swearing in of our new President. What a great moment! DH recorded the event so I got to see more of the event this evening. I liked what the First Lady wore; the daughters were precious. Today I feel so much better about the future and the hope for some real change.


  1. Amen Linda...I also feel my hope renewed after today's events. Mary

  2. Check out my website, I nominated you for an award

  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope your DH is recovering from his root canal. Obama was inspiring and so were his ladies.


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