Time is flying by!

I can't believe I have not posted anything since Monday. It is now Friday and there is really no sewing going on here at the moment. My time is taken up by holiday festivities and work.

Yesterday I took my staff out to lunch. In years past, I have tried to make little simple gifts for staff, but this year I ran out of time and perhaps desire to do so. Gift cards to a local department store was my gift to them. I know some people think gift cards are just not appropo for a gift. I disagree. I love gift cards myself and from what I gather from my staff, friends and family they love it also. They get to buy what they desire/want.

I did give myself a little gift, I subscribed to BWOF last night. I had a subscription before but never made anything from the BWOF. I let the subscription expire and just bought a magazine from time to time from Fashionista Fabrics or PR.

Actually a sewing goal of mine for this year was to make a garment from BWOF pattern. Let me say there was a skirt from BWOF a year or so ago that is now part of the skirt lineup in BURDA patterns catalog, actually there are two that I know of and I own them both. I did make one of those skirts twice, so perhaps that does count. I do know I love the fit of the skirt.

Next up on my sewing adventure is a McCall's OOP blouse pattern that I count out prior to the recent jacket and dress projects. It is a bias blouse with a tie. More later......


  1. Funny you should mention about BWOF patterns turning into envelope patterns - I was thinking about this recently, too, and just did a roundup post on all the bwof patterns I made that are reprinted now. Maybe you'll find the skirt you're thinking of in there?

  2. I'm always happy to hear about someone subscribing to BWOF!!!! I've made it my mission to spread the BWOF gospel and gather disciples. Welcome to the fold!!!!

  3. I love gift cards! I think it's wonderful when a person realizes that they don't really know what I want and care about me enough to give me a gift that will allow me to get something I really want! So I would happily take one from you! *LOL*

  4. Gift cards are a good gift! You pick what you like, I say keep giving them. They're always very appreciated, I know I'm always happy to get them. :):):)

    I hope you get to sew soon.


  5. I'm kind of torn on the gift card thing-- sometimes I feel like it's a copout. But I do like them for when I don't know what to give people.

    I'm also hoping to get a BWOF subscription-- waiting on a mail-in rebate so I have the funds! Hopefully I'll get it soon!

  6. That was so thoughtful of you to give them a gift card! I'm sure they'll appreciate it.


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