As you can see from the photo posts from yesterday, I am making progress on my dress. I began sewing the dress fabric today. I have all the darts sewn for the front and back bodice pieces. I will sew the skirt darts next. I am so pleased with the progress. .

I need to start on another Post It Note holder for Christmas gifts for ASG. While those are embroidering I hope to continue to work on the dress. If other "must do" housework and work related tasks were not required I could possibly finish the dress today or at least have it ready to attach lining. Alas, somethings must be done besides sewing.

I experienced a small issue with the armhole dart when working with the lining. It is a good idea to start with the lining when making a pattern that you have not used before. This lining is like a muslin. Thanks to going with that sewing strategy, I found that I had shaped the armhole dart incorrectly and needed to redo the dart. After re-directing the dart if you will, I then pin marked this change onto the front fabric bodice piece. The direction of the dart now works better with the original darts of the dress.

I do have concerns that the bodice/skirt waistline may still be to short waisted in spite of my bodice lengthening. I have not tried on the lining dress yet to see about this. I will test this before sewing the dress bodice fabric and skirt together.


  1. It sounds like your dress is coming along very well. I think you did a very good job choosing the lining. I certainly appreciate your detailed pictures. Your discussion of how you are sewing your dress, and how you resolve issues that arise, really help a new sewer like myself!

  2. It sounds like you are making good progress on the dress. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished garment. Like you, I'd get a lot more sewing done if there were not other responsibilities. I especially dislike those realities when I'm on a good sewing roll. What a good idea to use the lining as a muslin! I'll definitely use that suggestion in the future. I joined the SewCraftBlog Group #3 after reading your post. It should be a lot of fun! Thanks!!


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