Dress progression

I was able to get the lining for the dress cut out. I ran into a situation though with the lining. I did not have enough of the perfect matching lining fabric. I ended up using the perfect match to line the bodice of the dress. The pattern does not call for lining the skirt part but I want to. I had to cut out the skirt lining from another fabric and color.

I am going to try to run to JoAnn's during my lunch today and see if I might be able to find lining fabric closer in color to the dress and bodice lining fabric. I don't think it will be too much of an issue with two toned lining but I do have slight concern that the top and bottom may appear a different shade when lining is attached. Given the styles I am seeing in stores, dresses are looking like a blouse and skirt combination. This will become a design feature if it is off.




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