Back views

Here is a view from the back. Photo on left is on AlmaMarie, no side seams sewn yet. The center back seam is basted closed so I can pin baste the zipper. Top right is view of the pleated neckline and sewing through all those layers was a bit fiddly. Bottom right is where I started to pin in the zipper. I was getting tired and some what cranky so thought this was a good stopping point. The color of the zipper is brown shade but looks purple in this photo. Could not get this to adjust.
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  1. That collar is really nice--your dress is coming along very nicely!

  2. I noticed on your Feedjit Live Traffic Feed that just before me, someone from East Rochester arrived on your blog. I'd kill to know who that is! I need a fitting buddy!

  3. Looking forward to seeing this finished. Lookin' good!


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