Fabric purchase yesterday

In reading emails yesterday, I read one from Fabric.com about a sale that ended at midnight (11:59). They had (have) a great assortment of new knits that I found irresistible. So I made a purchase of only 2 of the designer knits and a purchase of ponte knit which I want to try. I keep seeing gorgeous items in the Talbot's catalogues made from ponte knit. Hopefully this one that I bought will be of the same quality. It was a navy blue.

Here's what I purchased. I obviously was in a blue mood. The quality of the last knits I purchased was great. Of course, I still have a few of those waiting for me to sew up as well.


  1. Knits are hard to resist! Those are lovely.

  2. Those are very nice fabrics! I nominated your blog for the Brillant Weblog Premio-2008 Award. I stop by usually everyday just to read what you're up to but I don't think I've ever commented. So I decided to come out of the lurking mode! LOL

  3. Great choices! I looked hard at the one on the left, but since their warehouse sale is this Saturday I decided to give it a pass for now. Looking forward to seeing what you make of these fabrics!


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