Dress progress

I was able to make progress on my dress today. I was sewing along beautifully and then I got to the collar. I have not ever attached a collar the way this pattern calls for it. Most dresses I make have the front facing as separate pieces. This dress has a cut-on facing.

The pattern instructions call for you to attach the interfaced collar to back neckline and a portion of the front area. You then attach the non-interfaced collar to the front interfacing, then fold back the front facing, stitch the two collar pieces together and then stitch the folded back front facing at the top edge. You will then turn everything inside out.

You can go here and see the attached collar and front facing folded to outside. I need to trim the seams, turn inside out and press.

The sleeves will be attached next. They are in two pieces which gives some nice fitting opportunities.

I basted the side seams to make sure that the fit was going to be okay. I discovered that I need to take a deeper back dart seam and perhaps extend it more into the upper back area.


  1. I'm surprised that you've never encountered this method...this is how most jackets I've made have the collar attached and my favorite method of doing this. Careful marking is the key here!


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