I was able to do a little sewing this weekend before I had to travel to Charleston, WVA. I am in my hotel room writing this now. This was 3+hours trip driving through some pretty mountain area. Add to that my packing and all things involved in getting ready I was pleased that I got to sew what I did on my Vogue dress.

First I want to say this knit fabric I am using for this dress is truly a nice knit to sew. Secondly, given my last dress being too small, I chose to cut the larger size included in this pattern for bust to hemline. After sewing shoulders together and basting side seams for fitting, I definitely did not need the larger size. The good feeling about this was that the seams could be trimmed down to the next lesser size.

The dress has neckline facing which I think is essential to keep the pleats in place better at the neckline. I did change the structure of the neckline facing since I am using the 3/4 sleeves. The facing is designed best for the sleeveless version and I was surprised that they did not provide a different facing for the sleeve version. If I kept the version they have I would not only have a under arm seam of sleeve and bodice but a facing seam at the under arm. I kept visualizing too much bulk. So I curved the bottom of both of the front and back facings so that they end at the upper edge of the sleeve seam allowance. This bulk is okay with me as it gives some body to the sleeve cap.

That is where I left it all-shoulders attached for dress and facing; facing attached to neckline. All other work I had completed last weekend and off and on sewing during the week. Good news I am on vacation starting Friday of this upcoming week; so can see this getting completed on Friday! DH is on vacation this time as well. I will get more sewing in than I have in the past few weekends. We have a couple of short overnight trips. DH's mother has to have some medical tests done the latter part of the week thus we will be involved with that as well.
More later.



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