Honey, I'm Home!!!

Yes, I am back from West Virginia. Long 3+hours drive. It was nice to get home.
I was really tired. But not so tired that I did not check the mail. I am a mail freak! So glad I did as I recently won two patterns from a Friday give away through Sew Retro Blog. Myra, whose blog is called Adventures in Baby Sewing, was giving away two patterns. I was tickled to win. Here is what I won and was into today's mail. I truly like these.


  1. Cute patterns! Lucky lady, you are!

  2. I'm a mail freak too...my day is not complete unless I can pull something kewl from the mailbox! I like the top dress pattern with the side button closure...very kewl!

  3. The patterns are lovely! Lucky you!


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