Simplicity 2978 Dress

The dress is complete. I am not sure that I am going to like this fabric. If you look at it crosswise it wrinkles! Here are some photos:

If you click on the photo you can get a better idea of the neckline pleats.

This is another almost full length view of the dress. It was pressed before hanging. There are still wrinkles!

You can go here to see more photos.


  1. I love that color. From the picture the dress looks fabulous. I hope that the wrinkling stays at bay and you get much wear out of it.

  2. I'm trying to remember what this fabric is, and scrolling back isn't helping me since I think it's further back than is archived on this page.
    The dress looks nice in the pic. Love the color too.
    And you did a great job with the lining, so is it a linen like fabric that is ok to wear wrinkled?
    I take it you didn't underline?

  3. um, duh, it was right in the sentence there - stretch cotton.
    Maybe it'll wear better than you think?


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