Second thoughts!

I have had some second thoughts about my recent dress I just completed. As I noted in that post, I had some issues about the fabric. I decided to try on the dress again and I just do not like the look of it on me. I think that the bust area may still be too snug and I wore a different bra with it today and it still fit rather snug. The snugness makes the pleats pull strangely. When I look at it from a side view, those pleats are pulling above the bust area giving it a strange fullness above the bust and then the bust area looks like it is pulling. There is not really any more seam allowance to let out in the princess seam or side area.

I feel like one of those examples of "what not to wear". Darn it, I really like those pleats at the neckline but they are not working well for me. I thought about cutting it off to make a top but that is not going to change the fit of the bust area. The upper back also stands away from neck area, that may indicate I need to do an upper back adjustment??!!!

Here is an interesting thing about trying on the dress and sitting in it, the concern I had about the wrinkles did not seem to be such an issue. Granted I did not have it on for a really long period of time, like wearing all day at work. It did wrinkle some but not like I thought. Go figure!

Well, I know that Goodwill can use some donations so I think I will be adding this to the bag I have already. The good of all of this is that I honed my sewing skills, drafted a lining to be attached to facings and perfected my lining of a sleeveless dress like RTW.

I still have the other fabric piece to make the Vogue dress or another style dress. I am debating now whether this jacket will look right with the Vogue dress pattern. I have second thoughts about the feasibility of the two working well together.



  1. I was watching your progress with interest, as I too was intrigued by the dress , and the tops others had made out of this pattern - so I bought the pattern and made the dress for a party, doing my usual sizing adjustments - 14 to the bust and a 16 from there down. The whole upper part was tight - I had to scoop out the armholes and even then it was too tight and didn't really fit well, therefore, from there on down.

    It seems like you had the same problem.

    Would it behave better in a size up? Maybe. But it isn't such a great pattern that I would be going for that. I look better in a V neck, I think, and while the pleats are cool - they aren't Wow.

    So I am moving on. The jacket however, I am going to try.....

    Thanks for letting us know how it went.


  2. Sorry about that. I'm glad that you found the "good parts" of the experience. Sometimes it juat ain't meant to be!

  3. Linda, what DOES make the back neck stand away like that? I've had that problem in most sheath type patterns. I've had to take as much as 4 inches from the back center seam at the neck before. Does my head/neck shift way forward like a goose? Do I have a hump I'm not aware of? Am I narrow and dainty in the ONE place on my body I have no feasible way of viewing?

    Inquiring minds want to know!! :P



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