Hong Kong and Hannah Silk Ribbons

Slow progress on the jacket with Mother's day last weekend and activities around that. I was able to do a little sewing Sunday evening and a little yesterday evening prior to DH arriving home and fixing dinner.

I decided to do a Hong Kong finish for the jacket seams. I underlined all fabric pieces and played around with serger for a seam finish. But after acquiring the bias ribbon mentioned in my previous post, the green shades in most of the ribbons match the green specs in the jacket material. I decided that these will do great for the Hong Kong seam finish. Here are shots of the jacket with seams being enclosed with the ribbons. Still a work in progress and several more seams to go.

The bottom photo is a true color of the jacket fabric and lining. The close up was really washed out and I could not seem to capture the colors even when editing in Photoshop.
I hope to get another 10 minutes or so this evening to continue the work on the jacket.


  1. I used a hong kong finish on a jacket project and I loved the results. I love that fabric more every time I see it.

  2. This is one of my favorite techniques. It provides a nice clean finish and it adds value to the garment.

  3. Great finish. Agree with Tany completely. I haven't used it much yet, but when I did, I loved the results.

  4. Gorgeous finish and inspiring. Will have to think about this for my next jacket project.

  5. This finish is perfect for your jacket, won't it be fun to casually drape the jacket over a chair with those seams showing!

  6. Linda .- these are very original tapes to cover the seams and create a beautiful effect. greetings. Paco

  7. Wooow the colours in your fabric are amazingly beautiful. And those silk ribbons... I'm so jealous!
    Great finish, this is going to be such a classy couture jacket!


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