Jacket is complete

I did complete my jacket after sewing my finger. I am pleased with the outcome. I took photos and will post them tomorrow.

I drafted a dress pattern using PMB4 and having to tweak the bodice pieces a little before I cut out my dress fabric. I hope to get the fabric cut out and start sewing it tomorrow. I am not making as much progress sewing as I had hoped or visualized. My DH is off as well. Enough said!


  1. You sewed your finger?? Lord have mercy! I've done it, too! Was scared to go near a sewing machine for years afterward.

  2. Ouch on sewing your finger! I did that recently and it seemed like it took forever to heal.

    Congratulations on finishing your jacket, I'm anxious to see pictures.

  3. Ohhh. Linda .- as your finger ?.... in Spain say that this is go with the job .... uhmmm. but the machines are very dangerous. I am impatient to see his jacket finished. see you soon. greetings. Paco


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