Sewing journey this weekend

As my cyber sewing friend, Carolyn-Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, has said, "sewing is a journey". Part of that journey is the planning of the project, the pattern and fabric preparations, the cutting, the sewing, the tweaking and then Viola! the completed garment.

My sewing journey since last weekend was the pattern fitting of Simplicity 2938. I pin fitted the pattern last weekend and made note of changes to be made. Some changes I did last weekend and the remainder I completed Friday evening. Saturday I cut out the dress fabric. I then pin fitted the jacket from this pattern and found I really did not need to make any changes. This jacket has a lot of ease with it so there will be fitting "opportunities" during the sewing of this. Saturday evening after a nice dinner out with DH, I cut out the jacket fabric.

I debated on a lining for the dress and the jacket. I decided to line both and used the pattern pieces to draft the lining pieces. I cut out the lining for both this AM.

I then threaded the serger as the jacket fabric is tends to ravel quite a bit. I like to serge finish edges for this type of fabric, even though it will be lined. I will thread the sewing machine and will begin the sewing part of this journey starting with the dress.



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