Lined tank top complete

The top is complete and for a simple item this took additional time due to the lining.

I truly learned alot from tackling this project. I think when deciding to line a knit top you have to test to be sure of how each knit will stretch. If similar then I think you do well to treat the lining as interlining. This will allow the project to got much faster. Fortunately I had sufficient fabric to truly test this.

In seeking help from others, I also searched some books from my sewing library and found I had Connie Long's book on "Easy Linings...". Though she did not address knits specifically, her writing on working with lace and lining helped. She also had a chapter on lining dresses and tops with no center back opening. Her technique I found to be superb. I have to admit that I read, read, and reread her directions about how to do this and could not absorb what I was reading. I was having some problems relating the written word to some of the photos. I was doing this last night, very late and was very tired as well.

At 3 AM, I woke up and could not go back to sleep immediately. When this occurs it is usually some issue from work causing me sleeplessness. I usually try to think about sewing-make lists of items I want to make, or items I need, or actually how I would sew something. The cause for sleeplessness last night was truly that I could not grasp what I had been reading, so of course I kept mulling over the part that was bothering me.

Upon returning from CURVES this AM, I went to my sewing room, turned to the page I marked, reread the directions and looked closer at the photos. I then took my top with the lining attached at the neckline per her instructions, turned it so that it lay like her top in the book and EUREKA! it clicked. Actually it is somewhat like attaching the sleeve lining to the jacket sleeve at the hemline striving to achieve the "hands shaking" concept. (Or for me it was.)

I took some photos of the process. I will try to put together some sort of tutorial to show how this works. I love the results and the finished look is appealing. I need to take photos of the finished tank top alone and with the cardigan.



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