Sleeve lining tutorial

I wrote about preparing a tutorial to show how to install a sleeve lining if you are going to use the 'bag a lining' method. Several people have written they like the bag a lining method but just can't figure out the sleeve part.

Let me say that this "video" is my first ever trying something like this. With my new computer I have a lot of new "toys" or programs to play with and I thought I would try this. Blogger has now added a movie upload feature so I thought let's give it a go. As I have written before, you all know I am not a great photographer. Someone else could probably really jazz this up. I used this method on my recent McCall's Jacket.

Hope you find it helpful. I hope it works!

I reviewed this after posting. It looks better on my computer because it is on a wider screen. Some of the printed comments included in the photos look a little blurred in some. I think you can still get the gist of it. I can send this as an email attachment if you have an interest. Just post your email in the comments.


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