A few more photos of my latest dress

I thought I would take a moment to show some photos of me wearing my latest version of Simplicity 3775. I wore this earlier this week. Even though sewing this knit was a little more of a challenge than the first version of this dress, I have to tell you I love this knit. It was so soft, swooshed when you walked and I just loved the feel of it. I acquired this from Gorgeous Things earlier this year.

It is extremely hard to take a good picture looking in the mirror, trying to see into the view finder, hold the camera with one hand and take the shot without a crazy look on your face. Plus I find it hard to hold the camera steady and then click it to take the shot and keep your hand steady. So if the photo looks blurred, it is!

The knit jacket I am wearing is a Misook Jacket that worked great with this dress.
The shoes are Donald Pliners and I love the wedge heel, so retro looking to me. The wedge heel has a patent leather look while the rest of the shoe is a microfiber. I would love to have them in red, green and navy!


  1. Linda - a couple of things...love the dress on you! Misook - did you get that from Barrie Pace? My new favorite place to copy from...and love the shoes...maybe a better picture? *hint, hint!*

  2. Dress turned out great! (I can't take clear photos to save my life!)

  3. The dress looks even more wonderful on you, Linda!


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