Made It Work

I was bound and determined to complete this dress and make it be wearable.

First thing this AM, I cut out the neck band in the black knit from my stash. I cut it two inches wide. I pressed in half, wrong sides together. I then placed the folded edge of the neck band to the edge of the neckline, stretching it as I went. This is the neck band application method shown on the THREADS website and I wrote a tip on it at PR years ago. This method works the best for me. Once determining the appropriate length, I cut the end at that point and then stitched 1/4 inch seam. Then divide in fourths, divide neckline in fourths, pin neckband to neckline matching quarter marks. Then stitch either using your sewing machine or serger. I used my sewing machine.

I then cut another piece of black knit using the tie belt pattern cutting it on the fold and using the width of the piece. I then folded this in half, serged the edges, turned right side out and then stitched the edges, stitching 1/4 inch from the edges.

I then stitched 5/8 from the hem edge using fusible thread in the bobbin. I then used this stitching line to turn up the hem evenly all around and pressed adhering the thread to the fabric. I then topstitched the hem of the dress.

I tried it on and I am once again happy with the look of this dress. Here are some more photos of the completed dress.

This is FOE used around the sleeve edge.

This is the back of the dress. Alma Marie is a little fuller than I am in the back.

This is the completed dress with the black knit sash. I think it works okay with the contrasting black at neckline and sleeves.

This is the dress without the band.


  1. You made it! It's wonderful, I love it!

  2. Yes, I like it with the black bands. It gives the dress some boundaries, otherwise it is just one big pattern. Glad you made it work!

  3. yay! You made it work! I like the sash with it too.

  4. Good job, persistence pays! Looks very nice with the black bands and belt. Yay!

  5. Oh you did make it work! It looks lovely and I like the accent given by the black band.

  6. I think it looks brilliant with the black contrast! Bravo!

  7. You certainly made it work! It looks great. The black contrasts helps ground the print.


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