2nd Burda Skirt complete

I finished the second Burda skirt this AM. I inserted the zipper yesterday evening, using an invisible zipper in the side seam. This time I placed the zipper from the top edge appropriately, the first skirt I was off on that.

I love the fit of the second skirt because I finally determine the right size for the skirt. The first one was too big. I actually tried on the first skirt the other morning thinking I would wear it to work. It was still too big. It sat on my hip but that threw everything else off. I hate that I have to undo so much stitching to make another tweak. I may just "cheat" and take back tucks at waistline. I plan to wear a top over the skirt, not tucked in so only me, the dry cleaner and dear readers you will know if I do that.

I took a "booty" shot of my new skirt as I do like the way it fits my back waist and hip. I did not do my usual sway back adjustment for this skirt as the back seams seem to curve inward at that area making it unnecessary. I will post photos later.



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