Some more photos

I tried on my jacket on Monday evening after coming home from work. I had on gray slacks and an ivory sweater which are the colors in the jacket. I think I will be wearing the jacket not only with the dress but these slacks as well.

I took some photos using my new camera pod. Still getting the hang of it.

Here is one shot of the jacket. The front plaids do line up but do not look like they do in this photo.
You can go here and here to see other views.
To finish, I need to sew lining unit to jacket, then attach the cuff to sleeves; then buttonholes and buttons. The finish line is in sight.


  1. Really pretty jacket! I love the collar. I think it's worth the time spent fiddling with it. The bias-cut sleeves add a nice touch. Did they grow?

  2. Great jacket, the collar looks so nice.

  3. I've been eyeing this pattern and wondering what it looks like made up. And now I know it looks great! :) Thanks for your visit to my blog recently. I've added yours to my blogroll!


  4. It's beautiful, Linda! You look great in it!


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