Almost but not quite

The jacket is almost complete. I need to make the buttonhole, sew on the button and sew a chain around the hem. I pinned the chain in place yesterday and I can already see how that helped bring the hemline closer to the body. I will take photos soon.

I like the unique collar of this jacket but it is heavy! The fabric I used was a wool blend, somewhat like a boucle. The gathered collar is a lot of fabric and is stitched to lining and undercollar so there is some weight to this. I am sure this will keep me warm with the sleeveless dress. My concern is will it be too warm!

I completed the sleeves yesterday. Let me tell you that there is a lot of width at the bottom of the sleeves and to gather that onto a cuff was a bit trying. It really was more fabric to gather than necessary. If I make this again, using this sleeve look, I will narrow the width of the sleeves at the bottom. It was very difficult to gather this fabric plus lining and at some point I really just compressed fabric together to make it fit.

Even with that fiddly sleeve I really like the look of the sleeve. I know you need photos to clearly see what it looks like, I promise I will post soon. I think the bias sleeve and the gathered cuff look great!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished jacket, Linda!

  2. This is coming out so nice. No one else will have anything like this.


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