January 1, 2008-Sewing stats

Awoke around 7:15, late for me. Drank some coffee, read a few emails. Went to my sewing room. Turned up hem on skirt and blind hemmed by machine. Lining hem was machine stitched. The only thing left to do is stitch facings to zipper, tack facing to various lining seams, and sew on hook and eye.

I also rewound yarns to continue my trim for jacket. When one yarn runs out, you have to rewind the bobbin and then tie on to where you ended. Or you can cut all yarns, tie knot on the wound trim and then start afresh. That is what I am going to do. Using five yards of yarns, yielded about 2 yard trim. I need another two yards at minimum.

I also pulled out some patterns that I am considering to sew next. I then vegged out all day!!!!! Now I am cooking dinner. Been a restful day.


  1. Do you have any picks of using the blind hem? I'm having a rotten time doing it with my machine.


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