Sewing Resolutions???

I am not good with resolutions so normally don't make any. There is a thread going on at Artisans Square about sewing resolutions. I posted some goals there. So thought I would post them here with some additions.
  1. Make at least two items from BWOF patterns.
  2. Update information regarding my patterns and fabrics in Stitch and Stash Program. Started it last year and then has been hit and miss.
  3. Reacquaint myself with Pattern Master Boutique and buy the upgrade.
  4. Sew up some of my fabric in my collection before buying more.
  5. Refrain from buying so many patterns just because they are on sale for $.99 to $4.99; I am a patternaholic also. This one is going to be tough as I just saw two patterns posted on Flickr that I am already coveting.
  6. Re-measure and record new measurements to help with selecting the right size pattern for sewing, particularly for skirts and pants.
  7. Do something sewing related at least 3 days out of 7 each week.
  8. Make a pair of pants with fly front zipper.


  1. Happy New Year!!! I hope that you achieve all your sewing resolutions!

  2. I hope you succeed on achieving all your New Year resolutions!

  3. Happy New Year, Linda. I have about a 50 percent success rate on mine. lol I haven't thought about sewing something from BWOF. I need to do this too. There are at least three things from the November 2007 issue that I want to try.


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