Sleeveless dress with lining

Over the past several months there have been postings of sewing dresses, particularly sleeveless dresses with a lining. Some have written how they attach the lining at the armholes and having to sew this part by hand, or having to turn under the seam allowances for the fabric and lining, attempt to line them up and then basically top or edge stitch them together.

Having read through much of Claire Shaeffer's book "High Fashion Secrets..." and Clotilde's "Sew Smart" and actually following instructions from a Vogue pattern ( which by the way was one of the better instructions ever with a Vogue pattern) I have been using a different method with great success. Sorry I don't have the Vogue pattern number readily available as of this writing.

So I have again attempted to put together a little tutorial that I hope will help any one who has struggled with sewing a lining to a sleeveless dress and wanting it to look more like RTW. I think it is less of a struggle. I am still learning how to put together "videos" on my computer and may someday actually add sound. But hope the written messages along with some photos will help. Here is a link I am also going to try to post the video here. Some days it works, some days it doesn't. It may play better on your computer by using the link. I hope you find it helpful. The two books mentioned are very helpful sewing resources and I recommend them.


  1. Thanks for this video. Does the lining fabric just stay unfinished around the zipper, then?

  2. That was very kewl! My question about the insertion is that you are now inserting the zipper into a finished garment with all of that pet peeve. I love flat insertions of anything whenever possible because I seem to have more control over the process. But that was a very interesting take on inserting a lining into a sleeveless garment and I have bookmarked this entry for when I'm feeling more adventurous in the future!

  3. Well done, Linda! Thank you for putting this video tutorial together!

  4. Great tutorial, very nice to present it like this. Will try this the next time I make a sleeveless dress.

  5. Very nice tutorial Linda. I must also try it next sleeveless dress.


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