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Laura said...
Thanks for this video. Does the lining fabric just stay unfinished around the zipper, then?

No not really. I hand stitched the lining to the zipper. As one of the final steps in the dress completion. You could, I think, topstitch the pressed in seam allowance for the lining and let it hang loose. You could attach the lining fabric to the zipper by machine only I have yet to get one to lay correctly. I scanned in a portion of the instructions from the Vogue pattern that addresses attaching the lining to the zipper that may help answer your question.

Carolyn wrote--That was very kewl! My question about the insertion is that you are now inserting the zipper into a finished garment with all of that pet peeve. I love flat insertions of anything whenever possible because I seem to have more control over the process. But that was a very interesting take on inserting a lining into a sleeveless garment and I have bookmarked this entry for when I'm feeling more adventurous in the future!
Carolyn, I understand your pet peeve. Yet this is still mostly flat as you have not sewn any seams other than the shoulder seams and attached lining to neck and armholes. Side seams have not been stitched. Your next seam to sew is the back seam below where you will insert the zipper. Then insert zipper. You are still working with basically a flat piece. I scanned another part from the Vogue pattern instructions for this step, and for the step following showing how to sew the lining and fabric as one continuous seam. I found this was easy.

I am most curious why these instructions are not used for all Vogue sleeveless dress patterns? I have made two sleeveless dresses using this technique but the instructions for one pattern did not have these directions at all.


  1. Linda - so you have to have worked out all your fit issues before you add the lining to the dress, right? It is an interesting approach...

  2. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right? I followed the instructions on the youtube clip but I'm not having any success.

    Can I clarify that before you start puling things through you essentially have your garment fabric and lining sewn at both armholes and along the neck line, right sides together, it is open at the back centreline?

    When you say pull through fabric through the shoulders you mean in between the 2 layers.....

    my finished result is the arm holes are not out?



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