Simplicity Dress

I really made some headway with my sewing today. As I just posted I completed the Kwik Sew top. I started on the Simplicity dress. I read two reviews at Pattern Review for this dress pattern and both reviewers gave positive feedback. I read the instructions and decided to not follow them. My way will allow me to adjust the fit with the side seams. Their method has you sew the bodice front and back shoulders and side seams. Then attach neckband and insert sleeves in the round. You then attach the overlay to the midriff piece-front and back, then sew side seams of the midriff/overly and attach to the bodice. You then sew side seams of the skirt and attach to midriff. Thus if you need to fit any thing you will have to undo a lot to do the fitting.

My method is to sew the front overlay to the front midriff piece, attach the midriff to the bodice front. Do the same for the back bodice and midriff/overlay. Then sew shoulders together and insert sleeves using flat method. Then attach neckband. Then attach front and back skirt to front and back pieces already sewn. Then stitch side seams from end of sleeve to end of skirt.

If I have to adjust anything after that I can just undo the side seams and take up or let out. I will baste side seams before sewing to sew if there are adjustments needed. Hopefully not.
Here is a photo of the knit fabric I am using.

I am about 50% complete, I have sewn all the upper front pieces and back pieces together. I have sewn the shoulder seams. I will then attach neckband and sleeves. Then I will attach the skirt and do the side seams, hem and I hope to have a fabulous fitting dress.


  1. I love the fabric you're using - I can't wait to see it finished. I also liked the KS top you just're on a roll!

  2. OMG, where did you find that fabric? It's a dead ringer for a Coldwater Creek skirt I have.

  3. Yes, please tell us where you found the fabric! I like it too.

  4. I love this material. It has a nice fresh look to it.


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