Fabric for Simplicity Dress

I purchased this fabric last summer at the National ASG Conference in Washington, DC.

I purchased it from SewKeysee. This is a small family business out of Florida. They have a few patterns for knit fabrics only. They had some great knit fabrics for sale. This is a beefy slinky knit. It was so easy to cut and it sews great. I am using a Stretch Needle and regular polyester thread.

I have sewn a lot of slinky knits over the years. They are not all equal. I have had some that were extremely thin and when you sewed them up the weight of the knit pulled down and fabric became thinner. It was horrible to sew with as well.

Other slinky jknits knits I have purchased were like this one in that it had some body to it, cut great and sewed up perfectly.

This is the first patterned slinky that I have ever purchased, all others were solid colors. The background is black and has beautiful fuschia, coral, yellow and green colors.

The company, SewKeysee, does not have a website. However they advertise in Threads, Vogue and Sew News. I think you can email them and request samples. I can tell you I wish now I had purchased more of this piece and had purchased more of their knits. They truly were great quality.


  1. Emma does have some fabulous knits, doesn't she! I've got two pieces of printed slinky aging nicely from this year's Atlanta expo; I *think* I know what I'm going to do with them, but since both items are pattern morphs, I've got to have a *really high* confidence level to dig in to them...

    (and black thread in the serger ;) )


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