As promised!

Well it is day two of my vacation. Today I had to go to dermatologist and upon return home, I put on makeup and then went to Quilt n Sew in Forest, VA. I met up with two friends from ASG, so we had lunch at the deli located in the shopping center. Then back to Roanoke, to the library and grocery store. Then home! So before starting on my next project I decided to put on my dress so everyone can see it looks much better on, than hanging on a hanger.

I am a terrible photographer and a self portrait always comes out goofy. Liana, how do you do it? Instructions please!!! (Note to self, please remove stuff on the floor before taking a shot of yourself!)

I am now working on the Hot Pattern Sunshine Top. I traced it the other day but knew right away that I had chosen the wrong size, so retraced this afternoon. Still need to do my usual adjustments. And based on almost all reviews of HP
patterns I am actually going to make a "muslin". I have a knit fabric that I acquired over 4 years ago while living in Pennsylvania. So decided that this will be a good trial fabric to use and if it turns out great-YEAH. If not, then I don't feel so bad. Besides I have about 6 yards of it. So I still have more to use for something else.

After that I am going to make a skirt using a KS pattern I have used before. I am going to use my chocolate eyelet fabric from Metro Textiles and line it with fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. I saw a chocolate eyelet skirt at Nordstroms Saturday that keeps playing over and over in my mind, so I think that this is what the fabric should become.

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  1. the fit, even with the blurry pics, looks really good, and I do like that fabric.
    Don't you just hate trying to get those mirror pics though?
    You and Carolyn are being so productive, and I'm stuck somewhere in inertia-ville.

  2. Great looking dress. The fabric is beautiful.

  3. Linda - I think that dress looks great! I believe Liana uses a tripod - I heard her mention it once before. g

  4. The dress turned out lovely! I adore that fabric, too.

  5. It's fabulous, Linda! I love it.

  6. What a great fit! Beautiful work!

    The first thing I learned with mirror shots is to wash the mirror ;) (mine is in my bathroom...). I also figured out that I can see the detail better on my clothes if I put a light just beside the mirror so the front of me is directly illuminated - but this also has a habit of showing every wrinkle!!


  7. Looks great on you...much, much better than the hanger!!! Very flattering and curvy. Never mind the stuff on the floor... we all have it.

  8. That's a fantastic dress and I adore the fabric. You did a great job! Yes, taking self-pictures is such a challenge.

  9. Beautiful dress. Once again, you have taken a design that I was not sure would look good and proved to us all just how beautiful it can be. I'll have to add this pattern to my list. Great dress, you look fantastic in it.


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