Vacation Day 3

First, thank you all who have commented on my dress!. I truly appreciate the feedback. I am not sure why photos are so blurry when I downloaded from camera to computer and then did some edits they look pretty clear. Somewhere along the way that got fuzzy.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that this was fabric I acquired from Gorgeous Fabrics. It was so great to sew with. Quality fabric turns out a great garment, no matter the skill level of the sewist.

Yesterday afternoon, early evening, I retraced the Hot Patterns Sunshine Top pattern. This morning after coffee and breakfast and reading emails and blogs, I cut out the pattern and sewed it. This was a "muslin" or "test" or "trial" garment.

I have to say that the instructions for this pattern were the best I have encountered with the Hot Patterns patterns. Unfortunately, I have to say that I again have not made a good garment from this pattern company. BUT, I know what the fitting problems are and are the same for just about all the other patterns I have made using their patterns. Now, what do I choose to do with that information? Or how do I adjust the various pattern pieces to deal with these issues? Do I really want to?

That is the biggest crux of the problem is fixing all the fitting issues. The scoop neck needs about 2 inches taken out of it for it to lie snug against my upper chest. When I pinned out the excess, this brought the top closer in and up. I need to pin out some of the back neckband also. When I do this, it also brings the shoulders in but then the underarm is too high up in the front area, which I can scoop out. But do I need to do something to the sleeves? Then the length is way too long for me and I cut it at the T-shirt length. This is a tunic on me. I was going for the t-shirt look. So I need to cut off about 2 inches.

Then when I look sideways, the bottom poufs out and I don't need that look as I have a tummy on my own without a top making it look worse.

But to make lemonade from a lemon, I don't feel like it was wasted time, (well maybe a little as I could have made something I have made before). I think also that this is not the best style for me. Face it, I am over 50 and this may be for someone from 20-40's. Look at the drawings, it geared toward someone younger, I think. And I did not ruin some of my better knit fabrics. These patterns work well for others. I read reviews of this top at PR and on some other blogs. I am glad they work for others and only wish they did for me. They are definitely not petite or short friendly patterns.

So as Tom Petty sings "Get Over It" !

Well my plans have also changed for the day which turns out better. I had planned to visit my father,who lives 3 hours from here,tomorrow. As it is, his brother is taking him to Danville for dinner tonight and other family members will be there also. Some I have not seen in over 5 years, so I am going to my hometown for dinner at the Mayflower. This gives me another day tomorrow of sewing time! And a nice visit with my father's side of the family. And my Dad still knows most of us and me so that makes it nice as well. Alzheimer's is not a pretty disease, it took my mother way to early and hopefully with my Dad it is prolonged due to early detection and medication.

Tomorrow, I am cutting into the chocolate eyelet fabric and the chocolate silk fabric lining to make a skirt. It is either going to be a KS skirt that I have made before or I found a Burda skirt in my stash that looks like it would work also. But maybe I will go with the one I know for this one. I have some other fabric to try with the Burda.



  1. Chocolate eyelet and chocolate silk? I can't wait to see that one. Sounds, literally, yummy.

    It is never a waste of time to fiddle around with your fitting issues as you always learn something. I've done the same thing....really wanted to make something and gone through a lot of trouble altering patterns, just to decide that it wasn't for me after all. Better at the muslin stage.

  2. I haven't tried a HotPatterns pattern yet, maybe I'm a wimp, don't know yet.
    But, I have to say that I've never had any luck at all with Burda Skirts from the Burda patterns. They just aren't drafted for me - and I've made several wadders due to the fact that I can't seem to learn my lesson. In fact, I'm about to embark on a Burda WOF skirt, thinking for sure it has to be ok - everyone loves the Burda pattern block.
    Maybe there's some truth to that old adage about not teaching old dogs anything.
    Enjoy your family get-together.


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