1945 Skirt progress

I began working on my skirt last weekend. Did not do much with it during the week. It is "BUDGET" season at work and it gets hectic and time consuming. I feel for our accounting staff having to put up with us on developing a budget and not getting it all together on the first go around.

I digress. My point was that I just did not have the sewing feeling when I got home this week or had other places to be. So leaving work today, I came straight home. My DH had to work late, thus I got PST. I continue to work on my skirt.

The skirt side seams are not seams but a long dart. One dart is sewn the other is not and becomes the side opening. You insert a zipper or snap placket. I finally got the gist of what I needed to do with inserting the zipper which went in well. BUT!-you knew that was coming.
When you lap the zipper over the other side of the dart, it just does not lay right and of course there is no seam into which you have sewn the zipper.

I know, I know, it would help to see this but I have decided to stop sewing for now and did not take a picture. Anyway, it just does not lay quite flat, you have this little pucker at the zipper bottom. Keep in mind if you had not put a zipper there, it would be a dart.

I know I will think of something but did ask for some assistance from sewists at Sew Retro, thinking someone there may have made this. But if you are reading this here and you have sewn this skirt, leave a comment to where I can email you to discuss this sewing "opportunity".


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