Progress-Slow but Sure

I have inserted one sleeve into the lining unit. The other sleeve is pinned in. Again work is consuming more of my time than I like but as I have said before it is that work that supports my sewing habit. I hope to get a little time in the AM prior to work to insert the other sleeve. I will then be ready to work on the jacket unit.

I tweaked the lining a little before inserting sleeve. The back was a little full and stood away from my lower back more than I liked. I took a deeper seam through the side back seam allowance which helped tremendously. I am a little concerned as the back seems to ride forward more than I thought it should at the upper back. I am not sure if that is due to not having shoulder pads pinned in at the time or if it is because the front facings are a heavier material than the lining fabric. I wish I had a photo to post, so someone reading this could give me some feedback on this. If you have thoughts about what could be causing this, please leave a comment; I truly appreciate feedback.


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