NL6619 is becoming a reality

Thursday and Friday evening I completed the pattern adjustments so I could cut out the jacket pattern. Yesterday morning I was able to cut out most of the jacket and finished that process last night by cutting out the lining which I also had in my stash.
In looking at the fabric I realized that it had a specific pattern that imitated a stripe that would run horizontal if cut on the lengthwise grain. Horizontal stripes or patterns will make one look wider. I don't want that look for this jacket. Here is a photo of what I am describing.Sorry that the photo is not true to color and a little on the fuzzy side.
Hopefully you can see how the pattern seems to be running left to right.

I decided to cut the pattern on the crosswise grain thus the pattern would run lengthwise. Here is a photo of that look. The colors in this photo are truer to the actual fabric color. I took this without a flash. As I have said photography is not something I do well.

I began sewing this jacket this morning. Over at PR several reviewers have noted that they sew the lining unit first allowing them to tweak the fit before actually sewing the jacket. I thought that is a good technique, so I am sewing the lining unit first.
I will report later on my further progress of this jacket.


  1. That fabric will make a pretty jacket. And going with the up/down pattern is definitely a good choice. And reduced fabric at that. Verrry nice.


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