Patterns Arrived

Remember this post. My patterns arrived yesterday. I love getting mail and especially packages of sewing related items. I did not opentopen the package last night 'cause I did not want to hear my husband say, more patterns!!!! He also says more shoes!!!!!!! Personally a girl can never have too many of either.

I did look at them this morning and I am wanting to try the blouse with the tie soon. Once I get myself into the sewing room and doing!!!! Not thinking about doing. Interestingly enough, I keep coming across sewing blogs where people are sewing, sewing and sewing or like me wanting to but can't get past the thinking about it stage.

I also got some very nice bronze colored serger thread from Mardel at Sew Distracted. She had posted awhile back that certain threads did not do well in her serger. Fortunately for me, my serger does not seem to be that finicky, so when she asked if anyone wanted thread, I expressed interest in the bronze thread. Thanks Mardel for sending.


  1. OOOOh, sewing packages! I'm crossing my fingers that I get some in the mail soon too!

    No sewing for me yesterday - it was cleaning, cleaning, purging, straightening, cleaning.... I 'rewarded' myself with a fabric purchase for all my hard work! LOL

  2. Why of course one can never have too many shoes or patterns! That's a given :-) I too love getting sewing packages in the mail. I've been on an eBay retro/vintage pattern buying binge lately so those are the packages I have arriving in my mailbox.

    As far as sewing, I'm with you. More cleaning, decorating and baking going on in my household than sewing.

  3. I have the horrible afliction of my UPS person coming to my house at 6 pm. For goodness sake, my obsessions would be so much easier to hide if she would just come at 1 o'clock!

    If you really need to feed your shoe obsession, stop by! Free shipping and returns! I'm thinking about sending them a holiday card. I think we've become friends at this point! ;-)


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