Loving this skirt

My skirt is almost complete. I really like the fit of it and the look in general. The faux suede is a real good quality, not all faux suede is equal. I have a teal piece I purchased that is really not a good quality at all. I still may make something of it. It is very flimsy. I am thinking some type of pull over top or something along those lines.

This skirt has some real nice design lines and the vertical line in the front adds length to the look. When you are 5'3", appearing to look taller and perhaps more slender is appealing especially when your age is a speed limit-55.

I promise to post photos later. I only have to attach the facing yoke piece and topstitch the split in the back and hem.

I already know what I plan to work on next. I do have some Christmas Quick Gifts I want to make up for a few people at work and I want to embroider a denim jacket. The good thing is I only work Monday next week and then I am taking some vacation and of course the Thanksgiving Holiday. Sewing, cooking (yeck) and family visiting.

I just got home from CURVES, so time to shower and then go shopping!!!! I think I have some fabric purchases to make for those Christmas gifts and perhaps there will be some extra bargains out there. Later!


  1. Can't wait to see the skirt... and your Christmas quick gifts... hopefully you'll inspire me to come up with mine :)

  2. Please share your Christmas gift ideas - I need some and my idea bank is EMPTY! Really looking forward to seeing the skirt.

  3. I hope you found some bargains! I spent all weekend at the craftshow. I missed JoAnn's sale.


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