Felting Project

I have been working on my Red Jacket Felting project. Our ASG Christmas party is this Saturday and I want to wear my "thrifty" red jacket with felting embellishments. I am using an idea from the new Indygo Junction Needle Felting book. They show a swing jacket that the color collar and cuffs had been embellished using wool roving and knit yarns. Their project was called Confetti.

I am calling my Confetti Too! I really need to finish it up. But as usual life gets in my way. I keep getting a sick headache that I put up with all day at work yesterday. I would have like to have stayed home for a few hours just to be quiet and probably would have gotten rid of the headache. But I had to be at a meeting most all day and had to make a presentation during this meeting--so I popped Vanquish, Bayer and Tylenol most all day. After dinner I laid down for about 45 minutes and it was gone.

So tonight I have to really finish up most of this project to be able to wear it Saturday morning.

Pictures to follow.



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