Fabric Hut Purchases

Call me crazy but here is a photo of the bag my purchases were in! New store to me so thought I should put it into my photo archives.

Here are my two fabric purchases. I really left behind some other great fabric that I would have loved to purchase. With only an hour to shop for buttons and fabric what's a Danvillegirl to do!The black and warm rose fabric is silk. It feels great. I know I will need to interface it to keep it from raveling so much. I had one idea for a jacket while in the store but traveling home, I thought about another idea. Interestingly enough, when I got home I had a new Nancy's Notions catalogue and one photo showed a more nontraditional jacket using a classic or traditional fabric for the jacket. Which is similar to my idea for this fabric.

Here is the wool fabric, made in England. This will become a more fitted jacket. I have several Simplicity patterns in mind for this at this time. Perhaps maybe another of the retro jacket I just made. Will see.

I will post photos of buttons later. Time for me to go finish getting dressed for work.


  1. This is so coincidental! However, my smaller black and white houndstooth is nowhere near as nice fabric as I can tell your black and pink silk is. It looks beautiful! I should really just stop buying cheap stuff and only get one or two pieces of really good quality fabric. I am weak.


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