What I am working on now!

I started on 9/1/06 working on the cover for my new dress form by Uniquely You! My ASG friend, Cindi, provided much assistance getting this project started. I then worked on it some more that holiday weekend. I then put it aside for a breather and to do some sewing. I just completed another LH Faux Wrap Skirt which I will photograph soon and report more about that particular project.

Today after grocery shopping, I came home and pulled out my dressform cover and I am happy to say that I have completed it. Let me add here that I have worked on it off and on some evenings following work so that aided in my completing it today.

I hope to put it on the dress form this evening. This was an interesting project and one that took longer to accomplish than I thought it would. But if you want to get the right fit you really need to do a lot of adjusting to get it to fit like a second skin to capture your lumps, bumps and the real you! I suppose for those with younger, lithe shapes it may go smoother. I hope to have pictures of the finished project tomorrow. Providing all goes well getting the cover on the form.

Over at Artisans Squares-Sewing Guild, several people gave me some pointers on putting the form on the foam body. Hopefully this will go well.


  1. Linda ~ will you need to stuff yours to achieve the right fit? Or are you and the form approximately the same shape?

  2. Thanks for this post! I actually found it through google and it helped quite a lot as I was deciding which form to invest in. I picked uniquely you and I'm very pleased. Good information!


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