Dressform Progress

Dressform is almost complete. According to the directions, you put the cover on the form and the foam form will make the cover expand to fullest. You then need to measure the form's bust, waist and hips. You then take your measurements and determine the difference. The assumption in the instructions is that the form measurements will be larger than yours. For mine, they were. You then determine the difference between your and form's measurements, divide that amount by 4 and that is the amount you need to adjust the side seams to of the dress form cover. Once you do this, then you are to put this back on the foam form and it is my assumption that the form will compress some more and thus form will be close to your measurements.

Carolyn, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, asked in a comment here if the form is close to my shape or are there some more fitting issues to address. There are a few still. I have a little "tummy" pooch/pouch right below my waist in front that is not quite showing up on the form. The bust is also a little fuller but hopefully by performing the above it will compress the "perky" boobs that the form has. If not, I may have to perform a bust augmentation on my form.

Other than these two issues, I am pleased with the outcome. I took some photos this morning so will post later. Right now I am cooking dinner and need to run.



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