Swing Jacket Started

Now that my other jacket is complete. I am starting the Swing Jacket. I decided to add some embroidery to this one. I embroidered on the center back panel last night. The design is from Viking Design Card-Fantasy Flowers. Funny title for the designs, most have a floral look. Interestingly, the design I chose is circles and spokes-not a flower look at all. You can go to this site to see it.

I then took the design using 3D Embroidery Software and Embird and I split some of the circles off from the other parts of the design, combined, saved and transferred them to disk for sewing onto the collar for this jacket.

Here is the back panel that I embroidered thus far. The topping stablizer is still attached. Thus you see shining film.
Does not look like flowers! But it is what I wanted, somewhat simple with a monochromatic color theme but one that can be seen.


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