Jacket Progression

I am working on this pattern. I cut out this jacket pattern as well as the Swing Jacket pattern. I decided to pursue this one first. Mainly because I had all the matching thread for the jacket as well as the lining. The view I am making is the green one shown on the pattern envelope.

One of the many things I learned from the SNF Sewing Class on Pattern Review with Shannon Gifford is it is time saving and easy to cut out the lining at the same time as you cut out the fabric provided that the lining pieces are the same as the jacket. I just placed the lining fabric on top of the wool fabric. The pattern does not call for a lining but the cashmere wool fabric I think will wear better with one.

I debated whether to use the SNF method or not. I opted not to simply because I have not made the pattern before. Also from a few reviews on Pattern Review, I was concerned I might have some fitting issues. I did make the lining first, also a tip from PR. I then tried on the lining and it fit well. I still have some concerns about the sleeve length. I did take up the sleeve by 1 1/4 inches when I tissue fitted it and made all my fitting adjustments.

The fabric is a cashmere wool fabric I purchased over a year ago from Wazoodle's. It sews great. The lining is not exactly a green I wanted but it is an acceptable green.

I thought about adding some embellishments to the jacket but opted to not do that. I did topstitch the sleeve seams and the back seam. I have to decide how I am going to attach the lining. Mainly the concern I have is the self front facing. I may need to make some adjustments to the lining for that area. Also I may have to adapt the sleeve lining as well.

I am pleased with progress I made this weekend with the jacket. I hope to be able to sew some on it during the week. That is always my hope/thought. Life sometimes gets in the way.


  1. I love the pattern for your jacket! I have yet to sew jacket or coat, but I really want to someday...I LOVE jackets...I own way to many. lol.

    I want to see your fabric. Please post pictures of the coat when it is finished!

    hope you have time to sew this weekend!


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