Sewing Blurb for Tuesday

Downloaded 2 new lessons for Stitch and Flip Class, online from Pattern Review. Interesting technique and has added to my skills for lining jackets. Now have other alternatives.

Ready to sew the sleeves and line. I will hopefully post some pictures of various stages of construction of the jacket. I have taken some recently just need to upload from camera to computer.

Working on some embroidery projects for Christmas. They are free standing laces that you then stitch together to make thread bowls. Similar in some ways to the fabric bowls.

I have way to many ideas and not enough time in the day or week to get it all done.


  1. Too many ideas and not enough time! Boy, can I identify!

    Actually, my hometown address is Danville, IN...a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ;)

    Good start and good luck!


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