I sewed!

I got sewing time in this weekend--yeah!  My lightweight denim dress is almost complete!  This has taken forever it seems.

Here is the dress in it final stages minus buttonholes and buttons.  Warning-it really does not look all that great in this photo.
I am contemplating going with antique brass snaps and using my snap setter instead of sewing buttonholes and buttons.  The size 24 snaps are the same as 1/2 inch buttons that the pattern calls for.

Here is a close up of the collar band.
I decided not to add the collar to the neckband.  Due in part to the how this sits at my neck now and not wanting to have yet another piece of fabric there.  In an earlier post I said something about becoming a duster if I don't like how the dress looks when completed.  This collar stand reminds me of the Nehru collars and long length jackets of the late '60's and early '70's.

It it hard to tell but I use gold jean thread for topstitching the front bands, 5/8 hem and around the collar.  I may go back and topstitch the princess seams.  I still have a tweak or two to make with the back seams, so did not do this topstitching earlier.

I am so ready to move onto my next project!

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  1. Wonderful! and I think the snaps would be a great look for this. Hope you can move on soon (or you could just leave this for now and start something else!).

    1. Thanks Coco! I am still looking for buttons but think I will go with the snaps. I sorta have started something else, at least I have traced and adjusted a Jalie top pattern that I hope to start on soon.

  2. Glad to see your sewing mojo is back and love the idea of snaps.

    1. It still is not fully back but close enough!


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